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Staking the Trail in the Boileau Park Watershed Area
June, 2010

The photographs shown were taken in June of 2010, as members of the community “walked-in” the trail through the watershed area of Boileau Park.

The planned trail will include a boardwalk through the wetlands, signage for education about native species, and improved handicapped access. Collaboration with the nearby Upper Moreland Schools has, and will continue to, provide many opportunities for walking field trips.

Plans for the wetlands also include re-grading the fields, so as to improve flood control into Pennypack Creek. The trail development in the wetlands was one of the results of a consultation grant with the National Park Service, obtained by Friends of Boileau with the support of Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.

Key participants to the success of this event were: Sherry Peck of the National Park Service; Julie Slavet from Rep. Schwartz’s office; Pat Stasio from Upper Moreland Parks and Recreation; and Nick Scull and Bob Crippen both with the Friends of Boileau. Also key to the success of walking-in the trail were the many neighbors and township residents who came out and participated in the event. Our Thanks to all!


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