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The Farm House

The farmhouse is two stories high, twenty-one  feet by fifty-two feet with an attic and basement. There is a one-story, seventeen feet by twenty feet, shed addition. The exterior walls are rubble stone, stuccoed, but has major cracks in the rear wall and gable end wall. The first and second floor joists appear to be sound. Floors are sound and in good condition. The shutters and windows are in poor condition and need replacing. Gutters and downspouts appear new. The roof is in good condition, but the dormers need some rebuilding.

The farmhouse is in fair condition but needs certain remedial work: repointing and stucco exterior walls where required, replace windows, shutters and dormers, soffits and facias and other minor repairs. The shed addition floor, however, is uneven and in poor condition and in need of replacement. The farmhouse is in structurally satisfactory condition with the above structural items needing to be addressed. 


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bullet The Carriage House


bullet The Barn


bullet The Spring House