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The Carriage House

The carriage house is two stories high, thirty-two feet wide by twenty-four feet deep, with a front shed roof, an outhouse on the left hand side, and a block chimney. The exterior walls are rubble stone with stucco, with some minor cracking.  Several wood windows are in poor condition and need replacing, as well as, some of the wood lentils, which are sagging and deflected.

The lower level concrete floor is broken, uneven and in poor condition. The second floor is finished space in good condition. The roof rafters and asphalt shingles appears to be in good condition. The floor appears to be level.

The front shed roof appears to be sound and in good condition. The roof facia boards at the front and rear are deteriorated and need replacing. The roof ridge appears to have about a three-inch sag in the middle. The outhouse roof also needs to be replaced with new rafters, decking and shingles. Also, the block chimney will need to be raised about two feet.

It appears that this building is basically structurally sound and in fair condition. It will require some remedial work: several windows and window lintels, new posts, new center beam and footings under the posts, a new concrete floor, new facia boards and soffit and other minor repairs.


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