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The Barn

The barn at one time had time a signboard with the name "O.K.  Kimble" and the date circa 1848 in the Palladian Window at the roof peaks.  These windows are under restoration and will be installed in the Spring of 2010. 

The barn is a hybrid Pennsylvania bank barn.  This one is a bridge bank barn.  Early builders could not mound the "bank" up against the barn wall as hydrostatic pressure would cause the wall to collapse over time.  An outer wall was constructed and a ramp or bridge crossed the gap to the interior wall that extended upward to the roof.  This ramp was incorporated into the floor of the wooden sheet portion of the barn.  The ramp and shed were removed in 2009 as the roof had collapsed exposing the interior of the building.  The process was photographed and the salvageable timbers carefully numbered and stored in the barn.  There is a plan to restore the "bridge" this Spring as well.

The removal of the shed structure was accompanied by a clean out of the accumulated century and a half of junk, "modern" partitions, and chicken manure.  The exterior walls were enclosed with siding to preserve the interior.  The electric service was placed underground and modern interior wiring and lighting were installed.  What remains now is the barn as it was constructed in the nineteenth century.  The enormous beams and soaring roof support are revealed with the roman numeral "wedding marks" used by the original carpenters in matching the pre-cut beams.  The interior beam structure is intact with a few exceptions.  The roof is the next priority as its leaks have caused the flooring to deteriorate in several places.

This restoration was made possible by a generous grant from the Wallace Global Fund.



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